Courageous Heart - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Courageous Heart - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

You have the courage to change!

Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy and Trauma Resolution

Welcome to Courageous Heart Therapies located in Denver, Colorado. I serve the Boulder and greater Front Range area including Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Westminster, Arvada and Greater Denver. We are a private practice offering individual transformative therapy sessions in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing®, Polarity Therapy and Pre and Perinatal Therapy.  All of the therapies offered by Courageous Heart Therapies can support you to create real substantial change in your life. All the therapies we offer are cutting edge, meet you where you are, and help you see yourself more clearly  and aid you in becoming more fully who you really are. All  therapies are  body centered and focus on what the body knows and remembers  more than what the  mind interprets. The importance of past events is how the body is remembering and interpreting them in the present.

At Courageous Heart Therapies  we work with you to identify your goals and challenges on an ongoing basis.We work with you to set intentions for each therapy session and for our work together as a whole. Our goals include supporting your nervous system to regulate itself in present time, increasing the capacity of your nervous system to move through and recover from difficult experiences and increasing your capacity in your life right now. At Courageous Heart therapies we strive to recognize and meet your needs in the moment so that you can shift your relationship to yourself and your story.

We offer Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and skillfully support our clients to recognize their own healing capacity. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapists are skilled at listening to the Cerebrospinal fluid and recognizing its tidal rhythms. Craniosacral Therapists also have a solid knowledge of anatomy and can recognize both the patterns of restriction and disease and the patterns of health in bones, tissues and fluids. Craniosacral Therapy is highly complementary with other modalities including massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and any form of somatic therapy. By enhancing the body’s natural capacity to heal, Craniosacral Therapy  is an effective modality for  a wide range of conditions including  concussions, head injuries, headaches including migraines, acute and chronic pain, auto accident trauma, birth trauma, unresolved past trauma including PTSD and ongoing current trauma. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy differs from CranioSacral Therapy as it is practiced by the Upledger Institute.

We also offer Somatic Experiencing®, a body-centered method for resolving trauma for people of all ages that works great with kids who take to it naturally. Trauma occurs when an event is more than we can handle and integrate. Somatic Experiencing® focuses on the health and safety present right now to build the capacity to integrate the past trauma and become stronger because of it. It is not necessary to know or remember what happened for this therapy to be successful. At Courageous Heart Therapies the body issues we have used Somatic Experiencing® effectively for include  auto accident trauma, sexual and emotional abuse, physical injuries, pre-surgery preparation, post surgical recovery and medical trauma.

All of the modalities offered at Courageous Heart Therapies — Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Pre and Perinatal Therapy and Somatic Experiencing® support the self- regulation of  the central nervous system.  We are skilled at facilitating the body centered resolution of all types of  trauma and difficult impacts — emotional, physical, mental, spiritual. Regardless of the challenge, the orientation is on your resiliency and health — your innate healing capacity, your ability to achieve resolution and thrive in your life. Whether you are looking to heal from an injury or a broken heart, whether you know specifically what you wish to heal or whether you are simply tired of the pain that a physical injury or emotional wound is causing you, we can help increase your body awareness and deepen your understanding of your body. All of the therapies we offer can help you regain access to the health, clarity and empowerment that is always within you.  At Courageous Heart Therapies we support people to return to their innate knowing and capacity.  Our motto at Courageous Heart Therapies is “you have the courage to change” and we mean it. You do have courage or you could not have navigated your life in your unique way thus far. We have all experienced hardships and disappointment. We cannot change what has happened in our lives, but we can change our relationship to our past experiences,  our expectations of the future — and most importantly our life in the present.

If you’re ready to change — we’re ready to help!

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Before any substantial lasting change can occur in your body or your  life, a courageous root must somehow find its way through the bedrock of the familiar and the comfortable. Courage is the beautiful and unique flower that takes root in the soil of all your life experience and reaches towards the unknown so that you may bloom into your magnificence. Courage is not what happens when we are no longer afraid. Courage is what we taste when we stand with our fear and trauma and our hopes and dreams  and lean into the unknown, willing to face whatever happens next because we know that change is necessary.






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A brief note about what’s behind the offerings at Courageous Heart Therapies

A brief note about what’s behind the offerings at Courageous Heart Therapies

At Courageous Heart Therapies our work is not based on the intention to regress and explain but instead on the capacity to touch earlier states and present time simultaneously and let the resources of now influence the body’s memories of then.

There really is distance between the challenges in our past and our life in the present. We can know that intellectually, but  our bodies must know it too. At Courageous Heart Therapies we support people to know it from the inside out — to know it so deeply in their bodies that their nervous system has actually reset itself and is no longer cycling repetitively over past experience. When a person’s nervous system has reset significantly they have more capacity in the present. What happened before still happened, but a person now can experience distance from it and have the sense that it is really in the past. Then when life presents them with a situation or challenge that has a flavor of the past they have the capacity to respond in the present to what is actually happening now.

Everyone actually is born with the innate capacity to regulate their own nervous system and support it to recover from difficult experience. However, trauma including birth trauma and difficult life experiences can overwhelm this capacity.  At Courageous Heart Therapies we support people to return to their innate knowing and capacities. The primary modalities we use to support the realignment of someone’s nervous system are Somatic Experiencing  and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

All of the therapies offered by Courageous Heart Therapies are  body centered and will work with what the body remembers much more than what the  mind interprets. The specifics of what happened in the past are not as important as how the body is interpreting them in the present. The goal is to support a person’s nervous system to regulate itself in present time and have a greater capacity in their life now.