Do one thing. Every day. For Her.

01.26.2014 -

How do we not live in denial of the huge challenges our planet faces and still find the courage to act with love and alacrity? How do we find and take actions that are manageable and possible?  If we are not trying to fix can we respond more thoroughly? Perhaps the world is not broken. Maybe it is simply in need of support. There are millions of us — billions of us — each with our unique tools and gifts — when I look at it that way, so much seems possible. If the earth had a body, with capable hands and swift feet, She could go door to door like so many worthy causes do on Her behalf. What if when She knocked at your door you didn’t send her away? What  if your first sight of the truth of Her didn’t send you scurrying to call 911 for security backup, but if instead you had the courage to invite Her in, then what? What if you began by asking what She needed, She who meets your every need, what if you asked Her the question She is constantly answering, asked if She was thirsty and what She liked to eat? And what if you had those things in your fridge or garden and could give them to Her? If you could give Her a little bit of what She gives to you? Well, you’d do that, wouldn’t you? And what if after Her belly was less empty and Her lips more moist, She asked you to listen. Surely you could do that. And when She spoke she said many things that touched you deeply and there was so much beauty in Her words that you wept and in your tears you tasted a little bit of all the huge knowledge of Her and Her needs that you and your ancestors before you have forgotten.  And then when She was done and while She was thanking you and getting up to leave you were still speechless. And if once She was gone you couldn’t remember anything but one request she made: Do one thing every day for me. One thing. For me. Every day. Well, you could do that. I know you could. You with your amazing capacities and talents, surely you could. One thing. Every day.

What one thing will you do for Her today?


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