Polarity Therapy, developed by Doctor Randolph Stone, is a bodywork modality rooted in a multifaceted understanding of how energy moves into physical form when the human body is created, and the qualities of energy that continuously enliven our embodiment. These energies are part of a universal energetic matrix that moves within and between all life forms.

In a Polarity Therapy session with Margaret of Courageous Heart Therapies, the therapist supports the client to set an intention for the Polarity Therapy session as they together explore the physical and/or emotional issues that the client brings. The unfolding of the content of the Polarity session happens after both therapist and client have come into resonant relationship with each other and with the three Gunas — the three fundamental original energetic patterns  which Polarity Therapy (and Aruveda) understand all form emerges from.

Each of the three Gunas inspire three unique qualities of touch:

Satvas – AIR – light touch

Rajas – FIRE – touch with movements such as rocking

Tamas – WATER – deep touch with pressure and often precision.

The bodywork content of the Polarity Therapy session combines these three qualities of touch in different sequences and combinations many of which were originally developed and taught by Randolph Stone. Each Polarity Therapy session unfolds uniquely in response to the person’s intention and the circumstances presenting themselves.

After a Polarity Therapy session, many clients report feeling more energized and clear and often find new perspectives on the issues they arrived with, as well as the alleviation of pain, suffering or emotional charge.

Sometimes the integration process continues for several days after the session. Margaret is always available at no additional charge for follow-up conversations by phone or email after a session if questions or issues arise.

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