Pre & Perinatal

Pre & Perinatal Therapy: Explore your birth and embrace your life

Birth is the first event of our lives, and it becomes the template for our approach to all future events. While the events cannot be changed, our decisions about them can.

We all have a birth story and if we are here to tell it then we have survived. With skilled support we can access the somatic (body) memories of our birth, learn new things, come to greater understanding and find empowerment.

Our children’s birth layers on top of our own birth story. We experience our child’s birth through our own. Mothers and Fathers have different issues and experiences of their children’s birth and may need outside support to understand each other’s concerns. Mothers especially can find the complexity of their birth experiences challenging in the postpartum period.

Supporting yourself or your child to “tell” (his) experience to someone who can recognize it can be life-changing for the whole family.  If your child is challenged in any area it could be that some part of the birth story is needing to be told. If your parental instinct tells you this is the case, consider scheduling a session. call Margaret Rosenau at 303-507-3583 or e mail

Pre and Perinatal Therapy is also very useful for  all adults and especially for expectant parents. Pregnancy is the preparation phase for becoming parents to a new being. The entire family can be supported by supporting these imprints prior to the birth of a child.

These sessions are not breathwork based, nor are they regressive. Clients can experience earlier states of consciousness, but they do so with the skilled assistance of a therapist who helps them stay simultaneously connected to present time. It is in the meeting of past and present that profound healing can occur.

Courageous Heart Therapies offers Pre and Perinatal sessions for adults and children. Some of these sessions are done with the assistance of a videographer so that the tapes can be reviewed for deeper learning after the session.