The Perfect Me

The Perfect Me

The Perfect Me


The Perfect me I’ve never met

The one I’m always searching for.

Found her in my sleep last night

She was sitting at the front door.

Not sure whether to go out or come in

Not sure where she belonged.

I’d been searching for her so long

She wasn’t sure whether I’d come or gone.

I told her come on in I said

You can rest here in my bed.

I think I’ll rest here too

Then when were ready we’ll get up

And do whatever we choose to do.

No need for perfect anymore

Now that we together can explore.

She said she liked me yes

That being with me was fun

I said I wished it hadn’t taken so long

For my fear to come undone.

She said that was okay, that it takes time for pain to go away.

And that it need not go far, for it is part of who we each are.

The point she said was not to let it hold you in its grasp

But dance with it instead, to leap and twirl and spin

Become the person you can be when you really let me in.

You, you’re in pain I gasped, so sorry, what can I do?

You’re doing it, she said with a smile, by letting me be here with you.


Margaret Rosenau, © 2014